We can get very animated by the milestones in our lives and attach a great deal of significance to a 'special' day or event - but do milestones matter? 
I have been thinking a great deal about milestones recently as I am approaching a BIG birthday. In late July I will be turning 50 and, if I'm honest, I have been getting worked up about it for some time. I can't believe that I am approaching my half century and I am not convinced that I am looking forward to it. Even though people say 'age is just a number' I am not buying it. I remember struggling with turning 30 and feeling traumatised by 40. Why is that? It's the most futile struggle of all. It's happening to each and everyone of us and we choose how we embrace it. 
I was intrigued by the term 'milestone' so looked up the definition.  
"A milestone is a significant event in your life. ... Milestone literally refers to a roadside marker that lists the distance to a particular location. These days, the word is more often used figuratively to refer to significant events in life, like graduating from college or getting married." 
So what makes turning 50 so significant for me? I'm going to be brutally honest here: 
1) I think society values youth and I don't want to become irrelevant or invisible. 
2) I value my health and fitness so much. Will I start losing this, like some magical power, now that I have hit the BIG 50? 
3) I am a huge dreamer and still have so many unfulfilled dreams on my list. 
4) I have a huge desire to have a positive impact on the world and those people I support and influence. Will I still be able to add value? 
5) I do not always like what I see in the mirror. Is that my face? So vain - I know! 
I told you I was going to be honest... My glass definitely sounds half empty. 
Someone call the Fire Brigade! 
There are some positives too: 
1) Comfortable in My Own Skin - I am much more comfortable in my own skin then I used to be. This is me and I have a lot to offer the world. I need to be flexible and empathetic with other people but I will not apologise for who I am. This is when I'm at my best. 
2) Confidence - I am often told that I am confident by other people. This is not always true but there are situations in my life when I know 'I've got this' and I demonstrate that with every action, my body language and my spirit. 
3) Clarity - I know what I care about and where I have the most impact. I also know what I am terrible at, and that's ok. We all have strengths and weaknesses. I own mine. 
4) Courage - I know that life is not a finite resource and I have to suck the juice out of it. If I want an outcome in my life, it's down to me. I think I've always had more courage than most and on a good day this shows. 
5) Wisdom - I've learnt a lot over the years, not just through many qualifications and accreditations, but through experience and life long learning. Every day is a school day for me and I will share what I know with my friends, family and clients. 
6) Heart - I now know how important love and friendship are to me. Without this, there is nothing else. I love connecting with people and this is where I get so much energy. Helping people gives me pleasure and that is why my professional life never feels like work. 
The irony is that I started Thrive over 40 because I know how powerful women are in midlife and beyond. Did you know that women over 50 are the fastest growing segment of the workforce. We are more important and significant than ever.  
I've always had a strong sense of my own mortality. Every day is a blessing and we have to make it count. That's what I intend to do after eating lots of cake and having a few glasses of bubbles. Who's with me? Cheers to that! 
Do you feel like you need some support to be at your best? Why not book a free, no obligation, discovery call (link at the bottom of this page) or contact me via email at mel@thriveover40.co.uk. 
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