I have spent the last eight days in rural Ireland in a little place called Glengarriff. It’s a beautiful spot but there isn’t a great deal of ‘action’. The views are stunning and the pace is slow – really slow. 
We are based at my in-laws bungalow, about a mile out of the village. The house is built on family land and my mother-in-law’s family have lived around here for generations. Your options are limited here – to walk up the mountain or down the mountain, feed the donkeys, or, if you are feeling really ambitious, walk to the village to peruse the selection of Irish gift shops (rock and roll). 
I don’t think I realised how much I needed this trip until I got here. I have been burning the candle at both ends in the month preceding this trip and I looked and felt pretty awful when I arrived. Honestly, I haven’t felt that exhausted – ever. Work has been so busy and, after lockdown, I didn’t feel I could say ‘no’ to any work that came my way. 
Stepping off the treadmill of life has given me a whole new perspective. It would be so easy to go home and start where I left off, but I have decided not to. Let’s be honest, nobody is in charge of my life but me. I decide what I do and when I do it, what is important to me and what doesn’t matter. 
So, ask yourself the following questions: 
What makes me happy? – What do I do in life that brings me joy and happiness? Think about your work, home life and spare time. We all have 24 hours a day. How would you like to use these in a way that brings you joy? If your work doesn’t bring you joy, why are you doing it? I appreciate that we all have to earn a living, but ideally, we want to spend our working life enjoying what we do, using our strengths. How can you get more happiness from what you do and how you spend your precious time? 
How do I stay well and energised? – As humans we need to ensure that we invest in ourselves so we can be at our best. Do you have sufficient sleep and rest? Do we exercise so that we are able to cope with the challenges life throws at us? Do we give ourselves good quality nutrition that fuels us? Do you remember the Blue Peter Appeals when we were kids? There was always a total chart that crept up each week. We need to make sure that our own personal appeal is topped up. If we keep taking out, then we won’t be able to keep up with the emotional, mental and physical demands of our lives. Charity begins at home! 
What do I want? his is the killer question? Many of us can drift along and never really spend sufficient time really thinking about what we truly want. How crazy is this? If we want to live life to the fullest, then knowing what we want is critical. 
I have decided that when I return home I will keep these three questions top of mind. They will be my compass that lead the way. 
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