Take a look at the following questions: 

Are you feeling unfulfilled with your life as it is? 
Are you afraid to take the plunge and change your direction? 
Has having children lead to you putting your own career on the back burner? 
Is there more you want to achieve with your life? 
Do you daydream about how you would like your life to be? 
Do your dreams always get put on hold? 
Do you feel like you never rest? 
Do you feel like you could work 24 hours a day? 
Do you spend much of your week on tasks that don’t feel important or valuable? 
Do you struggle to find the time to do things that give you happiness and joy? 
Are you neglecting your own well-being and health? 
Have you have lost the confidence to exercise? 
Do you put others first, to the expense of your own health and fitness? 
Do you tend to self-sabotage with food and drink when stressed or tired? 
Do you feel unfit and lethargic? 
If you have answered YES to any of these questions, we can definitely help you. 
If you have answered YES to several of these questions, we need to talk! 

Find out more... 

Our programmes are targeted at helping you focus on your life direction, life balance and health. Our 1:1 coaching will help you increase your self-awareness and clarity, so that you are able to step forward with confidence. 
Life Direction Programmes 
My Life, My Way 
This programme is designed for anyone who feels as if their life has got off track or taken a detour. Middle-age is often a time for revaluation. What happens with the second half of your life? 
Life Balance Programmes 
Better Balance 
This programme is designed for anyone who feels like their life is out of balance and want to take positive action to get it back on track. What do I want for my life? How do you want it to look? What is important to me? 
Health & Fitness Programmes 
My Health Matters 
This programme is designed for anyone who feels like health and fitness have been put on the back burner over the last few years, for whatever reason. If you have realised how important your health is and want to make it a priority, then this programme is for you. 
We appreciate that tackling some of these challenges on your own is overwhelming and difficult. The usual response is to avoid or ignore the issue. This is natural, but we don’t want you to accept the status quo. 
It’s time to shake things up a bit. We’ve got the shaker. Got any olives? 
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