Welcome to ‘Better Balance’ 

Better Balance is a new programme designed for women over 40 who want to take charge of their life balance. 
This programme is designed for anyone who feels as if their life is out of balance and wants to take positive action to get back on track. What do you want from your life? How do you want it to look? What is important to you?  
Do any of the following apply to you? 
Do you feel like you never get to rest? Is there is always something to do? 
Do you spend much of your week on tasks that are not important, meaningful or valuable? 
Are you spending too much time on things that do not give you happiness and joy? 
Are you neglecting your own well-being and health because you don’t have enough time? 
Do your dreams continually get put on the back burner? 
Do you feel like you could work 24 hours a day? 
Is stress a regular feature of your day? 
If you answered ‘yes’ then this programme is FOR YOU 

Better Balance Programme Structure 

6 weeks. This enables you to build your awareness, focus and empowerment levels to take positive action. 
Training Format 
A weekly 90-minute virtual live training event* with a small group (maximum 10) of like-minded women facilitated by Mel Bligh (*computer access required). This allows for new learning, sharing experiences and group coaching in a safe and supportive environment. 
Date & Time 
Tuesday evenings 7.00 – 8.30pm 
22nd, 29th June, & 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th July, 2021 
Areas of Learning 
We will explore what balance means to you, what is in and out of balance, values & priorities, barriers to balance, learning to push back, gaining control, goals and the importance of building your vision for your balance. This will enable you to reflect on your current behaviour and choices, so you can mindfully choose a balanced future. 
Additional Development 
Targeted reflection exercises to complete between sessions to help you build your self-awareness and get clear on your goals and actions. 
Online Support 
Access to a private Facebook group aimed at sharing experiences, challenges and promoting group support and encouragement. 
"This course really allowed me to take some time out for myself and think about what it is I want out of life. This is something I never really sat down and thought about due to work, life, and family commitments. Mel’s ability to look at things differently helped me re-focus and think about what is important and why I do what I’m doing, and what makes me happy. I highly recommend this course to any woman who needs to spend time focusing on themselves. A new business will be born out of this experience for me personally and Mel's course will be to thank for that." 
"Mel is one of the most impactful coaches I have had the pleasure to work with in my career. I found Mel to be inspiring and engaging in a really ‘stand out kind of way’. She really stretched and helped me develop in so many unexpected ways. Challenged my thinking, introduced new perspectives, was clear on what I owned … ‘Me’ that was a lightbulb moment! 
I loved working with Mel, her energy and enthusiasm for personal development is awesome. So much so I have continued to engage with Mel on and off for the past 5 years. I would highly recommend Mel as a Coach; she remains a positive shadow in my life. Thank you." 

Limited time offer 

This transformational programme is being offered for an early price of £295 (usual price £395) for those who enrol by 15th June 2021.  

 To apply for the programme, please fill in the form below   

Please proceed only if you can commit to all sessions and you are prepared to give feedback on this special offer pilot programme. 
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