Specialised Coaching Sessions 

Are you interested in expanding your self-awareness and self-knowledge, so that you can step into the future with confidence and clarity? Thrive over 40 offers targeted tools that can really help you understand where you are now, and help you think about where you want to go. 
You will complete an on-line PRISM neuroscience tool. This will generate a personalised PRISM report that shares not only your natural or instinctive behaviour preference, but also the extent and the way in which you modify and adapt your preferences in certain situations. For example, there are times in our lives or work that we adapt from our natural preferences because this is required. This may mean that you are not maximising your strengths or not making full use of your preferences. During a follow up 1:1 we will explore your map, understand what it means and explore, how you are adapting to your current situation. 
You will leave this 90-minute session with a personalised report, increased awareness and a simple action plan. 
Cost £150 
You will complete an on-line Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality inventory tool. During a 90-minute 1:1 we will explore what we mean by personality preferences, explore how personality is constructed and how we all have a natural preference.  
You will get the opportunity to self-assess your own personality and then define your ‘type’.  
We will finish the session by sharing your ‘reported type’ and reflect on what this means for you, your current situation and where you would like to go. 
Cost £150 
You will complete a WAVE Professional Styles report, which explores your motives, preferences, needs and talents, in a number or work-related areas. This tool explores: 1) How we think; 2) How we Influence; 3) How adaptable we are; and 4) How we deliver. 
During a very personalised 90-minute 1:1 we will contextualise the tool to your current work situation and any aspirations you have for your future. This tool will create clarity about how you currently operate and give you insight into challenges and opportunities for the future. 
You will leave this 90-minute session with a personalised report, increased awareness and a simple action. 
Cost £150 
We also offer life coaching programmes to support your on-going development journey. Whether you are wanting to enhance your balance, get clear on your life direction or improve your health and fitness, we can offer targeted 1:1 coaching that focuses you to drive positive outcomes and progress. Our life coaching is provided in courses, as we know that reflection, action and progress takes time. If you are wanting to achieve a goal but feel like you need support and challenge to achieve it, then Thrive over 40 coaching is for you. This is an investment in your future. 
6 x 1-hour sessions - £595 
12 x 1-hour sessions - £1,095 
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